House order

House order

Ejerforeningen Tønderhus
Borups Allé 233-249E
2400 København NV


No garbage should be disposed the courtyard, or any other place than the garbage containers.
Sorting of your garbage must be done in accordance with the labeling provided on the garbage containers.
Bulk waste (larger items) must be disposed of in the bulk-waste room (in agreement with the caretaker), which is situated in the courtyard. It is not permitted to dispose of bulk waste in any other places.

Construction waste and other waste materials, which cannot be handled by general waste management, is not to be disposed of on the property, but must instead be disposed of by the owner him/herself. We would like to remind residents, that it is possible to use Genbrugsplads Bispeengen for the purpose. If you do not have the means to dispose of bulk waste, there are services like Skraldebilen for hire. If you do not dispose of your own bulk-waste the expenses for these will be added to the joint expenses of the association.

As pipes can be clogged, it is only permitted to dispose of toilet paper in the WC. Items like clothes, cotton pads or other waste can clog the pipes, and must be avoided.

Commercial leases must remove their own commercial waste.


The owner/tenant must immediately report to the caretaker or the property administrators if damage to installations and the like occurs, when remedial action is urgently required.

In any case, information on who to call in case of an emergency, outside the caretaker’s normal working hours, is available on his door or this webpage.
In case of damages, errors etc. to common installations, notification must be submitted as soon as possible to the caretaker, so that no further or excessive damage occurs.

Incidents with pests (e.g. rats, cockroaches or the like) must be reported to the caretaker immediately.

Bicycles, prams etc.

Bicycles, prams and the like, must not be placed by/on property stairs, common areas or by the facade.

Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle racks in the courtyard or designated bicycle-rooms in the basement. These are situated in nr. 235A og nr. 249B.
Prams and the like must not be placed by the front entrance due to fire hazard, in accordance to rules laid out by the fire authorities.
Bicycles, prams and the like, which have been illegally placed, will be removed without liability.

Abandoned bicycles will regularly be collected. The caretaker will put up notices to inform of the proper dates on which abandoned bikes will be disposed of, in case of
no owner claiming his or her bike.


The property’s current facade must not be altered without the boards approval. This includes (re)painting of windows, putting up antennas, flowerpots etc. Name signs in the door telephones and mail boxes is only allowed changed by the caretaker. 

Feeding of animals

The feeding of birds and wild animals is prohibited even from windows, terraces or gardens. This is to avoid rats.


The use of fireworks is prohibited from terraces, front gardens, windows or other areas on the property – including the courtyard.

Court yard

The use of the court yard should not cause inconvenience to other residents. Noisy behavior and general conversation should be kept at a minimum after 22:00. When using a barbeque, smoke or other smell related odors must be minimized, all waste must be disposed of. If using the common grill residents must clean it after usage. Barbequing must be done on the tiled areas around the parking lot.

Placement of personal items

Residents are prohibited from disposing of furniture, buckets, boxes and the like on the property’s common areas (stairs, hallways, courtyards, basements, etc.),


Pets are allowed as long as they don’t cause inconvenience to other residents.
Dogs and cats must not be walked or roam the courtyard, stairs, basement or the like, without a leash.
Dog and cat “droppings” must be removed immediately from the common areas.

Motor vehicles

Parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces by the respective residents renting the parking space.
Besides the residents renting a parking space, it is not allowed to park in the courtyard.

Mopeds and motorcycles must not have their engines started whilst in the yard.
To minimize noise from traffic on Borups Allé, the gates must be closed. During stormy weather it is permitted to keep the gates “half-open”, and not fastened, due to safety concerns.

General noise

Use of TV, radio, stereos, musical instruments, sewing-machines and similar “noisy” machines, must not cause inconvenience to other residents and should be prohibited in the time period 22:00-06 Sunday-Friday and 24:00-08:00 Friday-Sunday.

When hosting occasional festivities, or other “noisier” events than regular daily rummaging, both in and outside the apartment, residents should notify their neighbours. If hosting an event inside, residents are requested to put up notices in own and neighbouring stairways, and if hosting and outside event, notice must be put up on gates.

Use of “noisy” tools (drills etc.) is only allowed on weekdays in the time period 07:30-20:00, and Saturday-Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00

Washing machines and other technical appliances should be installed and used, so they do not inconvenience other residents.
Disruptive behavior must not be exercised in hallways or stairs.

Hall- and stairways

It is prohibited to put up posters, stickers or the like in the property’s hallways/stairwells, including doors.

It is prohibited to change to change the appearance of the stairways and doors. It is only permitted if doors are repainted in the existing colour.
It is permitted to display the postal services’ stickers that advertise if you do not want advertisements in your mail, and official theft warning signs (such as Falck Securitas, neighboring relief operation labeling).
Name tags on door phones can be requested from the caretaker. Unauthorized signs must not displayed.

Laundry rooms and washing machines

The machines may only be used between 07:00 and 21:00. Usage must be within the nominated time period, due to the noise, which can inconvenience surrounding residents.

The machines must be used in accordance with the operating instructions.
The filters in the tumble dryers must be cleaned after use. Dust on the floor should be swept when needed. The surface of the machines and soap dispensers should be cleaned after use.

The washing of blankets, carpets and the like is not allowed as it significantly reduces service life or, at worst, destroys the machine. Dyeing of clothes is also prohibited as it may destroy other residents’ clothes using the same machine.
Reservation of laundry includes the right to also use a tumble dryer. If the dryer is free, it can be used freely.

Reserving washing machines
When you wish to reserve a washing machine, place the padlock assigned to your apartment number in the suspended timeslot-board. After an ended session, move the padlock to the new desired timeslot, or to the P-rail at the top of the board.

If the reserved laundry slot is not used within the first 15 minutes, the designated slot time is annulled. There is only one authorized lock per apartment. Unauthorized locks will be cut and disposed of.

Upon relocation, the padlock must be handed over to the new owner. If the new owner has not been assigned a padlock and keys, this can be requested from the caretaker.


In case of rain, snow, frost and storm, all windows on stairs, basements and “attics” must be kept closed.

Compliance with house order

Everyone must actively encourage others to comply with the house orders. It is in everyone’s interest that we live in a safe environment and comply with the house order. It is designed for residents and intends to create peace, security and satisfaction for all residents.

As the board is responsible for ensuring that the house order is complied with, they have a duty along with property managers, to point out if rules are being broken. This will happen orally and is repeated in writing if conditions are not corrected.
When you receive instructions or recommendations from the board, referring to statutes or rules (house order), you are obliged to comply with them without notice and within the time limit set by the department to bring the matter in order.